Siteleaf CMS For Jekyll

I became aware of Siteleaf via a post from Tom Brown regarding the first HWC in Austin.

Siteleaf bills itself as ‘a content management system designed for a better web.’ Sounds intriguing to me. I decided to give it a whirl.

My initial impression is that this is a very clean, modern, and meticulously designed system. Setup was extremely simple and allowed me to basically login with my Github credentials and select my Github Pages site. I was up and running in about 2 minutes.

Siteleaf Dashboard

I was able to drag and drop the image you see here. As you can see from the interface, it’s clean, intuitive and easy. I like that I have multiple avenues to update my Jekyll site and adding Siteleaf to the mix is going to become a favorite I suspect.

One thing I really appreciate is that there is a means to contact Siteleaf support directly from the interface. Just click on the little chat button at bottom right. They also have a docs site and a Slack channel. Now, that’s what I call support.

Give a quick look if you have a question about themes, content management, or the API. You’re also welcome to join our Slack channel at

Pricing starts at $7.20/month per site. I am going to give it a good try during the 14 day free trial period and see if it sticks. Update: I learned that developers can have one site for free. That’s the one I went with for now.