• So eager for the new Noteplan for Mac to arrive.

  • Gave up my AnyList subscription when I switched to Grocery and the promise of native Reminders support. Problem is that for whatever reason, my watch won’t reliably save my requests to my Grocery list. Back to AnyList.

  • Giving Hook an actual trial. Now that I’ve taken some time to understand it and experiment with how to make it work, I’m truly hopeful that this is going to help my workflow quite a bit.

  • MarsEdit • Setapp. Nice.

  • Can’t believe there was a school shooting where my kids go to school today. Thankfully my kids are OK. There has been one confirmed death. We are all in shock.

  • Back to Things. It works best for my brain.

  • Got burned by Agenda’s Dropbox sync and lost some files. I admit I foolishly turned on Dropbox sync even though it was in Beta so my bad. However, my trust is gone. Moving all my notes elsewhere. Haven’t heard back from their support at all.

  • Pulled a g sheet into DEVONthink 3 and my head exploded.

  • It’s my last day in my role as Manager.

  • Due to Apple yanking OurPact, a parental control iOS app, my kid is now locked out of her iPad. This is fun.

  • Successfully followed a blog post to put in place a Slack slash command which draws from an Airtable. Glitch for the win.

  • After reading a Plex blog article about their amazing Tidal integration I decided to give it a go. Sign up, enter CC info… and error on their server.

  • Really happy Luna Display got this update…

    We’ve updated Luna so it will no longer reset your user preferences when you enable mirroring.

  • Ready for the hunt.

  • i’m chali 2na

  • Easter eggs

  • Got promoted to Director of Innovation & Process Improvement today. So excited! 12+ years at AnswerLab and I’m eager as ever to make change.

  • Spent the day at Elitch Gardens.

  • Reading Code Craft and learning a lot. 📚

  • It’s time.

  • Cloud. Check.

  • Successfully setup a Grav install on a Linode server. Couldn’t have done it w/o the instructions.

  • Parker Moon had 4 teeth pulled. She’s in happy spirits.

  • Apex trail

    Went for a hike with my buddy on the Apex trail.

  • Paid for Airtable Pro

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