• Been using my kids Osmo stand a lot lately. It’s really handy!

  • Day One’s On this day reminders, I find enjoyable.

  • Last day of the school year for our kids. Everyone in the family is relieved. Trying to teach our kids has been rather stressful.

  • Organize audio cables day

  • I’m turning to TaskPaper yet again. I keep all text in Drafts but nothing beats the outliner in TaskPaper. I was hopeful that the TaskPaper support added to Drafts would suit me but it’s nothing like the real thing.

  • who are these people that raise their iMacs? i can’t get mine low enough.

  • Really enjoying this wallpaper I bought on Gumroad.

  • I love Drafts.

  • Aye

    Aye. Eh. Write. Er.

  • It gets a bit out of control.

  • Upgraded HoudahSpot. It asked if I wanted to import license info into 1Password. Hell yeah. Thoughtful touch.

  • I get the sense that something is going to happen on June 22.

  • Having fun with the family on our rolly things.

  • The Magic Keyboard For iPad

    Works well for me. I like it quite a bit.

  • Prepping for an internal pilot

    We are investigating a remote research platform and will conduct an internal pilot on Tuesday. Our initial testing reveals this solution may go a long way towards solving some of our core needs.

    Also, this is a post originating in MarsEdit. Woot.

  • Watched Step Brothers. Took a nap. Watched a guy cook a steak on YouTube.

  • Got my Mac Pro 5,1 and am having a good ol’ time tinkering with it. First order of business, added a 3TB drive so that I can install Mojave. It came with a fairly small hard drive so didn’t have enough room to upgrade the OS.

  • Happy 7th birthday Tatum Sky.

  • On the cusp of buying a Mac Pro 5,1 from 2010. What am I thinking?

  • Tatum with her experiment

  • Archived 13 years of work emails in EagleFiler

  • Enjoying many aspects of Fantastical 3. The Zoom integration is not one of them. Keeps asking me for my password every so often even though I have entered it correctly.

  • Created my first Microsoft Logic App. Receives an HTTPS call and deletes an Outlook event.

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