• Spent the day at Elitch Gardens.

  • Reading Code Craft and learning a lot. 📚

  • It’s time.

  • Cloud. Check.

  • Successfully setup a Grav install on a Linode server. Couldn’t have done it w/o the instructions.

  • Parker Moon had 4 teeth pulled. She’s in happy spirits.

  • Apex trail

    Went for a hike with my buddy on the Apex trail.

  • Paid for Airtable Pro

  • My kids

  • Jordan Merrick’s Mocktail is amazing. www.jordanmerrick.com/2019/03/m…

  • Playing around with Grav tonight.

  • reinstall Luna iOS app. restart mac. all is well again.

  • luna display will not open on my ipad pro. :(

  • I’ve been adopting the practice of maintaining a change log in the notes section for my Zaps.

    CleanShot 2019 03 25 at 09 00

  • Boostnote looks like an interesting editor. As if I don’t have enough of those. boostnote.io

  • My new Squarespace site will be a CV of sorts, focusing on my role as UX Research Manager/Geek. I think it’s an interesting intersection. I plan to post mainly about the geeky projects I work on with a splash of manager realities.

  • Listening to Blurryface by twenty one pilots once again. it keeps drawing me in.

  • Started a Squarespace site to host my projects/CV.

  • using omnioutliner to track a project and i’m remembering how awesome outliners can be.

  • Been trying to solve a Zapier challenge for the past week and a half. I awoke at 4am with a potential solution, tried it out, and it works! So excited to have finally cracked it.

  • Escape fail

  • Learned that one has to wrap the JSON payload with “blocks”: [] when using code generated from the Slack Block Builder.

  • Been poking around the Slack API. Learned about Postman, which is a handy tool. www.getpostman.com

  • Stumbled upon my Newton.

  • Jumped on the yearly micro.blog plan.

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